Caring Chiropractic Treatment

I have a number of patients that come into the clinic and buy calcium to help support bone health. There is more and more evidence/studies that suggest that calcium can actually make the problem worse.

Whether or not this is true, there are, without a doubt a number of things that you can do to help your bones, that work far better than just taking calcium alone. It also just so happens that these are the same lifestyle habits that make you healthy in other areas. Although not as easy and taking a calcium supplement, diet (VEGGIES) and exercise make the biggest bang for buck for your bones.

Calcium is just one of around 12 minerals your body needs for healthy bones . . . what about the other 11? Just so happens you can find them in veggies and lean meats. Himalayan salt is also a very good supplement for your trace minerals, as Dr. Mercola explains below.

I can understand why an individual would be against diet and exercise if all it did was help your bones, but when you stop and think how many things diet and exercise effect, how can you not?

Dr. O

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