Our ability to adapt . . .

Human beings ability to adapt is a double edge sword. As our joint lock up from wear and tear, there will be more and more episodes of pain. The more pain there is the more the joint will lock up.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a patient come into my office and tell me they have “never had any neck pain” and I find they have severe arthritis! And people are sooo proud of their high pain threshold . . .

This is due to our ability to adapt. The brain will only take so much pain. When we ignore the pain, or worse take pain meds, our body will eventually adapt and begin to ignore the pain. As we ignore our body, our body will eventually ignore us. THE PROBLEM IS STILL THERE, IT’S JUST NOT CAUSING PAIN. It’s just trying to survive, can you blame it?

Everyone has kinks. Only some people are smart enough not to ignore their body!


Dr. O

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