“Scientists fear MMR link to autism”

New research shows a link with MMR to both bowel disease and autism.

I always like to get both sides of the story before making decisions. It looks like this story will be going on for quit sometime.


2 Comments on ““Scientists fear MMR link to autism”

  1. You should always do your research on every single vaccine that “they” recommend for your little ones — as some may be okay, I believe more than 50% are unnecessary and just another way to make a buck – just like the pharmaceutical companies. We are brain-washed from a small age to take a pill when something hurts, or go to the Doctor so he/she can give you a shot or antibiotic — what we are not taught is to prevent illnesses, ways to reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. A great book that I recommend in regards to this issue is: Natural cures “they” don’t tell us about – author is: Kevin Trudeau – amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Natural-Cures-They-Dont-about/dp/1597771058 — and this is coming from a man that worked for the FDA!

    • Good point Kim, I believe the take away here is to make informed decisions about your and your child’s health. ALOT of money is made from vaccines.

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