Knowing the difference . . .

Had a great conversation with a patient the other day about know the difference when your body is balanced and aligned, and when it is kinked and locked up.

The body becomes kinked, locked up, out of alignment slowly over a period of time, unless there is trauma ie sports, car accident etc.  Sometimes months, sometimes years, think sleeping position/work position.  The time-frame does contribute to the severity of the problem, but what is important here is the perception of the problem.

I’ve had patients come in the office with low back pain, only to find out they have severe arthritis in the neck.  “My neck has never hurt” they ask surprised.  The process is so slow that they don’t percieve pain as you would think, although there was also loss of range of motion that was going on at the same time.  Like watching grass grow, it’s hard to percieve.

A good example here is a cavity, the cavity doesn’t hurt until it’s close to the nerve.  You had the cavity prior to that, it just didn’t hurt.

The good news is the more you get adjusted and balanced, the more you are able to precieve the difference.  Becoming more aware of your body and being in tune with what it is telling is going to make you more healthy and well.

If you ignore your body long enough, it will start to ignore you.

Take away . . . . don’t let pain dictate your health.  Get checked early.

Dr. O

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