You’re Either In The Pain, Or In The Pain!


I went to a seminar a few years ago and had a speaker say to me, “You’re either in the pain, or you’re in the pain”.  He was talking about building your business.  You’re either in the pain of building, or you’re in the pain of shrinking/stagnation.  He was right.  That statement can be applied to a lot of situations, even chiropractic.  A lot of people don’t go to a chiropractor because it might be uncomfortable to get an adjustment, especially if it’s the first time.  The more stuck a joint is, the more uncomfortable it can be to adjust it.

But what’s the other option, and what are results?  When you don’t get adjusted, the joint over time will get tighter and tighter.  It adheses, gets tighter, and contributes/causes arthritis.  This can be very painful.  The misalignments can/will put pressure on both your nerves, spinal cord, and brain stem.  Anyone think that’s a good thing?

S0 again, you’re either in the pain, or in the pain.

And one more thing about pain . . . Pain is ALWAYS the last thing to show up (when a joint is locked), and the first thing to go away (when a joint is unlocked).  It is only an INDICATOR of the actual problem.  The worst mistake you can make is thinking that your pain is an indicator of your health.  Think cavity here . . . a cavity only hurts when it gets close to the nerve . . . the cavity was there long before . . . it just didn’t hurt!

Consistant chiropractic care (regardless of pain) is the only thing you can do to ensure that your body is not only out of pain, but is also functioning the way it was designed!

Dr. O

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