One of my favorite comments . . .

We, First Wellness, were attending a healthfare just the other day.  We try to get out from time to time to let people know about what it is we do, since most people think chiropractic is just for low back pain.  One of the attendees passed by our booth and I asked, “Do you have a chiropractor?”.  They turned and replied, ” I don’t need one, I don’t have any pain.”  Now with all due respect, this is how most of us think.  We think this way because we haven’t been taught, or learned anything different.

Let’s rewind and pretend I was a dentist, “Do you have a Dentist?” . . .”I don’t need one, I don’t have any pain.”  Sounds silly doesn’t it?  Now, granted there are still people out there that only see the dentist when they are in pain, a number of people (the learned ones) see their dentist when they’re not in pain . . . for prevention!

Since chiropractic is successful at reducing pain once it’s occurred, isn’t it logical to “assume” that it’s also successful at preventing before it occurs?  What most individuals don’t realize is that in order for your body to hurt,  bones have to move out of alignment a relatively long way.  Pain is your cars engine light that comes on because you didn’t get the oil changed/checked.

Pre-pain signs your body is out of alignment:  Stiffness will come before pain the vasts majority of the time, minus acute trauma.  But since most don’t see stiffness as a problem, it is usually written off.  But even before that, trouble sleeping, more often then not, is the first sign/symptom of a kink putting pressure on your nervous system.

Pressure on you nervous system will have significantly more impact on your quality of life than stiffness or pain ever will.

Get checked!

Dr. O

P.S.  I’ll be posting some mis-alignment specific stretches on Youtube soon, be on the lookout!

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