First Wellness offers Customized Massage Therapy

First Wellness offers Customized Massage Therapy

How does that work with Chiropractic Care?

Hi Folks!  This is Friday Ashley, LMT writing to those of you who may not know yet how Massage and Chiropractic can work together for your wellness.

When you come into the Massage Room we will chat for the first minute or so about what is the best kind of Massage Therapy for you today.  Together we can customize your massage based on your physical condition and personal goals.

Q: What is your physical condition today?

Are you feeling well?  Stressed?  Want to detox?  Have you been working out?  Got an old or new injury?  Been in a recent accident or remember one from a while ago?  Do you have an on-going issue like Arthritis, TMJ or Low Back Pain?

Q: What are your personal goals for the massage today? 

Do you just want to relax?  Or-Do you need help with a conditional issue?

Relaxation Massage is Therapeutic and simple.  Familiar with the name, “Swedish Massage?”  It is characterized by the use of long flowy strokes that feel very relaxing.  It aides with circulation and decreases the “stressed” feeling.  It can be performed from “Head to Toe” in a 60 minute session.  Yay!

Clinical Massage is meant to help you with more specific areas.    This pre-massage chat may take a few more minutes on the first appointment.  It includes modalities such as “Deep Tissue”, different kinds of stretches and some relaxation  time.  A 60 minute appointment tends to focus on a more local area of the body and does not necessarily get to include the “Head to Toe” routine.

Massage works with Chiropractic care because Dr. Owen works with the bones to correct your alignment.  The massage helps to normalize the soft tissue to help keep the alignment, the bones, in place.

Please contact us to set up your appointment and to ask questions!


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