Therapeutic Massage

Deep tissue massage works by physically breaking down adhesions in the muscles, bringing blood to the area and relieving the pain.  It will then restore the area to normal function. The massage therapist often uses direct deep pressure or friction applied across the grain of the muscles. Deep tissue therapy does not always feel good.  It can be painful and leave you sore the next day, just as you may feel after a rigorous work-out. During the breaking down of tight muscles, the muscle will release toxins.  These toxins are a mixture of lactic acid, cellular debris, other cellular wastes, viruses and bacteria.  It is imperative you drink lots of water after your massage to help flush these toxins out of your system.

Massage has a number of physical and mental benefits. It:

• relaxes the whole body
• loosens tight muscles
• relieves tired and aching muscles
• increases flexibility and range of motion
• diminishes chronic pain
• calms the nervous system
• lowers blood pressure
• lowers heart rate
• enhances skin tone
• assists in recovery from injuries and illness
• strengthens the immune system
• reduces tension headaches
• reduces mental stress
• improves concentration
• promotes restful sleep
• aids in mental relaxation